Returning to the UK

Plan your return in good time

Whether you have returned to the UK from an overseas assignment or decided to move back for any other reason, it is vital to plan your return in good time.

Many of the assets that you may hold in an offshore structure, such as a portfolio bond and/or retirement accounts such as QROPS and SIPPs, could cause a tax headache with HMRC.

Before you return to the UK and become UK tax resident, it is vital to ensure that any assets and structures you hold are UK tax-friendly. When it comes to withdrawals from these funds, you could plan for additional useful tax breaks, such as time apportionment relief. 

Licensed and regulated in the UK and overseas

Licensed and regulated in the UK, our financial planners also have a wealth of experience in working with overseas clients. Many of our planners have been expats themselves and relocated back to the UK, so they understand the issues you may face.

For more information, download our guide to repatriation or contact us for a meeting.